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«Bienvenue Cours Langue Française»

Wooldale Community Centre
Studying at Wooldale Community Centre

At the moment, the French learning classes organised in the area of Holmfirth (Huddersfield) are:

Classes are competitively priced and take place at Wooldale Community Centre . During the pandemic, all classes have been moved online. All groups offer a friendly, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere to learn and develop communication skills in French. These French courses are taught by Maurice —a native speaker and experienced teacher.

maurice Jégado

I was born in the centre of rural Britanny and initially graduated in Science (computing, maths) from the University of Rennes. I worked as a lecturer/researcher at various Universities (England, France, Tunisia). After a few years devoted to environmental work, I passed a BA (University of Poitiers) in natural languages and prepared the PGCE at the University of Huddersfield (mention excellent).

I've been teaching French in the Huddersfield, Holmfirth area for some years now and I'm a regular attender of the seminars organised by the "Alliance Française" of Vichy (France) specialised in modern approaches to the teaching/learning of French.

Well, enough about me... ! Classes are for you and I'll strive to do my best to help you develop your skills and confidence in the French language as well as enjoying conversations and communication with your peers in the class. Maurice.

I have enjoyed Maurice's classes. The members of the class are very friendly and supportive. We are of somewhat mixed ability and enjoy a variety of approaches to improving our French. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear a native French speaker on a regular basis and to join in with French conversation.
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Our goal is to:

If you have an interest, feel free to get in touch and come for a free 'taster' session.

In collaboration with the French institute, we occasionally organise non commercial screening of a French film in the evening. The cine club sessions are organised for the learners but are also open to friends of the French culture of the community. If you have an interest in the French cine club, drop me an e-mail so that you can be informed of the cine club events.

For private classes at your home or online classes thanks for contacting me. «Merci.»